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Will, Andreas; Siegmund, Ilka
Kindermedienland Thüringen - eine Standort- und Zielmarktanalyse. - In: Erwicon. - Erfurt, (2007), S. 10-11

Lantzsch, Katja; Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter; Will, Andreas
"Flying Producer & Production Bible" : Wissenstransfer in organisationalen Netzwerken am Beispiel des internationalen Fernsehformathandels. - In: Medien und Kommunikation in der Wissensgesellschaft. - Konstanz : UVK Verlagsgesellschaft, (2007), S. 186-200

Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter; Lantzsch, Katja; Will, Andreas
Organizing entertainment acquisition and production in the TV business: flowing networks between markets and hierarchy. - In: Organizing media: mastering the challenges of organizational change. - Jönköping : Jönköping International Business School, (2007), S. 147-162

Only little is known about entertainment acquisition and production, especially the international format trade, even though it has a worldwide market volume of about 2.4 bn €. Format trade is a process along the stages of creating, distributing, producing or reproducing, and broadcasting entertainment programmes. Findings of a current empirical research project which was conducted by means of in-person-interviews with managers in Germany and the U.K., show that the particular organizations involved (creators, distributors, producers, and broadcast stations) are establishing structures which we call "flowing organizational networks": Depending on situational requirements and the respective stages of the format trade process, actors activate different organizational structures, e.g. markets, hierarchies, or networks. A case study will point out these structures of the international TV format trade.

Wissenswiese : das Magazin der Kinderuni Ilmenau. - Ilmenau : Techn. Univ., 1.2007; 2010(2011)-
Jöckel, Sven;
Gewinnen und verlieren in Azeroth - Spielverhalten im MMORPG World of Warcraft. - In: Medienwirtschaft. - Hamburg : New-Business-Verl., ISSN 1613-0669, Bd. 4 (2007), 4, S. 42-44

Jöckel, Sven; Will, Andreas; Nawrath, Ulrike
Consumer preferences towards commercial music downloads. - In: Journal of media business studies. - Abingdon : Taylor & Francis, ISSN 1652-2354, Bd. 4 (2007), 3, S. 1-19

Demand for commercial music download is still marginal compared to the total market volume of the music industry. One reason can be found in the lack of consumer orientation on part of the suppliers. Important attributes of commercial music download platforms that may impinge on the degree of consumer orientation include price, use of DRM, sound quality, repertoire (genres, artists, songs) and range of offer, payment system and pre-listening options. An adaptive conjoint analysis (n = 527) based on consumer preferences towards these attributes was carried out. As a result, eight consumer segments were identified, offering the opportunity for a tailored product and service differentiation based on the varying relative importance of the attributes. Moreover, a significant gap in total utility between existing platforms such as iTunes and the ideal platform could be identified for all consumer groups. Advices for the design of more suitable products are given.

Will, Andreas; Siegmund, Ilka
Kindermedienland Thüringen : eine Standort- und Zielmarktanalyse. - Erfurt : Thüringer Staatskanzlei, Abt. Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, 2007. - 199 S..
Coridaß, Caroline; Lantzsch, Katja
DRM-Formate und Standardisierungsstrategien in der digitalen Musikdistribution. - In: Musik und Medien. - Baden-Baden : Nomos-Verlagsges., (2007), S. 14-27

Jöckel, Sven
Aspects of digital game culture : the cases of Eastern Europe and China. - Ilmenau : Techn. Univ., Inst. für Medien- und Kommunikationswiss., Fachgebiet Medienmanagement, 2007. - 111 S. = 1019,0 KB, Text. . - (Menschen, Märkte, Medien, Management. - 2007,3)