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The research project DynAPSys develops a planning system for individual task and day planning in German public transport, aiming to make the use of public passenger transport easier and more flexible. The result of the project is a system which leads the passengers from door to door.

In contrast to the research project IP-KOM-ÖV, DynAPSys focuses on the use and extension of public transport interfaces with additional information to develop a planning system for the individual passenger agenda.

Research goals

For an easy and flexible handling of public passenger transport, the planned system Dynapsys should support individual tasks and plans of the user. After the user enters important facts and times, the system automatically generates optimized sequences which lead the user through his agenda. Deviations and changes should also be integrated as user information and to reorganize the default plan automatically (almost in real time). 

The implementation is conceived for different end devices; for example, smartphone, tablet or handhelds on different platforms (Android, Windows etc.).

Research tasks

Application of usability engineering methods for:


  • evaluation and specification of user and scenarios
  • specification of framework requirements for implementation of the system
  • conceptual system design
  • conception, realization and evaluation of field tests with different scenarios

Project overview


1 January 2013 – 30 June 2016


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Project partners

Regionalbus Braunschweig GmbH (RBB), SALT Solutions GmbH (SALT), TU Dresden, Professur Systems Engineering (SE), TU Dresden, Juniorprofessur Software Engineering ubiquitärer Systeme (SEUS)