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Offers for Theses

1. General information on topics

We supervise Qualification Theses in the following topics

  • Online Communication
  • Mobile Communication, e.g. Mobile Market Research and Others
  • Gender and Sexual Research
  • E-Learning
  • Human-Computer-Interaction

You can choose yourself a topic from the fields above. Especially empirical and media psychological topics are welcome. Furthermore, you can find specific topics below.

If you are interested in supervision of your bachelor or master thesis please contact the according staff member given in the topic offering. Our subpage on Work Tools instructs you about the general procedure of your qualification thesis as well as its structure requirements.

Please take notice that due to a high workload on our behalf, we cannot accept every request for supervision. Therefore, try to request your supervision as soon as possible. Also, it is imperative to adhere to the agreement that you established with your supervisor. You must immediately answer emails coming from your supervisor. If you do not report back or react to emails, we conclude that you are no longer interested in the supervision, and we will award your slot to somebody else.

Topic already assigned to someone else!?

In science, it is generally the case that each topic has to be examined in a lot of similar studies in order to gain valid insights. Therefore, if possible, important topics are intentionally assigned to more than one student

You can choose any topic from the list - even a topic that has been assigned to someone else is not "gone" or "given away", like students often assume. In a good qualification thesis, it is not important to find a novel topic that nobody else investigates, but to investigate a relevant topic in a systematic and scientific manner. Even direct replications (copied studies) have high scientific value. We particularly recommend replications studies of quantitative media content analyses.

2. Open topics for master and bachelor theses

Currently, we offer more than 40 different topics. All topic offers are available in English and German language.


Replication Studies

Replication Studies in Communication Science and Media Psychology

Online Communication

#Mindfulness in Social Media: A Comparison of Twitter and Instagram

Feminism in Social Media

Uses and Gratifications of YouTube

Uses and Gratifications of Emojis

Uses and Gratifications of Serious Mobile Games

Social Science Methods on YouTube

Social Science Methods in the Wikipedia

Parasocial Relationships to Social Media Stars

Vaccinations on YouTube

Hair Loss on YouTube

Gender Clichés in Memes

Inspiration by Memes

Memes in Political Communication

Body Positivity in Social Media

Beautiful Illusory World or Shambles? Failure in Social Media

Homosexuality and Homophobia on YouTube

Online Hate Speech in User Comments

Online Hate Speech in Memes

Countermeasures to Online Hate Speech

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse on Social Media

Mobile Communication, e.g. Mobile Market Research and Others

Evaluation of Mindfulness Apps

Hand Signs on TikTok

Adolescents' Mobile Phone Use: How is it Displayed on YouTube?

Evaluation of Health, Fitness, and/or Meditation Apps

Dating Apps


WhatsApp Groups

Gender and Sexuality Research

Sexualization in Music? A Content Analysis of Lyrics from the Charts of the Last Decades

Theory-Focused Thesis: Systematization of Negative and Positive Pornography Effects

Sex Education in the Youth Magazine „Bravo“

Sex Education on YouTube

Quality of Child Sexual Abuse Media Representations

Media Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions

Prevention Materials on Child Sexual Abuse

Sexuality-Related Topics in Wikipedia

User-Centered Design for Sex Robots

Representations of VR Porn in the Media

A Content Analysis of Sextoy Reviews on Amazon

Representation of Child Sexual Abuse in the Media


Evaluation of cMOOCs

Media Content Research On Instructional Videos on YouTube

Use of Instructional Videos on YouTube


You may choose any topic from the list above. Alternatively, in the course of your bachelor or master thesis, you may continue to work on your own preliminary work that you started in one of our courses. 

3. Open topics for media projects

As part of your media project you can continue preliminary work that you have begun as part of our teaching courses.