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General Hints

APA Style

The APA Style defines detailed international rules that are binding for most sciences. These include how to cite literature, how to design tables and figures, how to report statistic results, how to reduce bias in language (e.g., neutral tone, non-discriminating, gender sensitive). Your theses should strictly adhere to the APA Style.

Ethics of research and science

Ethics of research defines the ethical treatment of participants and handling of research materials (e.g., getting informed consent for participation, anonymizing data). Ethics of science defines a responsible and fair processing of scientific results (e.g., prohibition of forgery, data manipulation, and plagiarism). Your theses must strictly adhere to the ethics of research and science.

Instructions on scientific writing

A large number of instructions and tipps are available. Make sure to be well informed about scientific writing before you start the planning and writing of your thesis, and strictly adhere to the suggestions.

Correct use of psychological testing procedures in research