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Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus Atrophy Predicts Pattern Separation Impairment in Patients with LGI1 Encephalitis, A. Hanert, J. Rave, O. Granert, M. Ziegler, A. Pedersen, J. Born, C. Finke and T. Bartsch, Neuroscience 6. January 2019

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Reliability of CMOS Integrated Memristive HfO2 Arrays with Respect to Neuromorphic Computing
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A flashback for resistive memory, Martin Ziegler, Nature Electronics 2, 561–562(2019);  


Concepts for closely Mimicking Biological Learning with Memristive Devices: Principles to Emulate Cellular Forms of Learning
M. Ziegler, Ch. Wenger, E. Chicca and H. Kohlstedt
Journal of Applied Physics (Vol.124, Issue 15)
DOI: 10.1063/1.5042040

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A memrisistive plasticity model of voltage-based STDP suitable for recurrent bidirectional neural networks in the hippocampus
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Intergration of Double Barrier Memristor Die with Neuron ASIC for Neuromorphic Hardware Learning
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Circuits and Systems (ISCAS, 2018 IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 1 - 5

Anticipation of digital patterns
K. Ochs, M. Ziegler, E. Hernandez-Guevara, E. Solan, M. Ignatov, M. Hansen, .....
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Memristive stochastic plasticity enables mimicking of neural synchrony: Memristive circuit emulates an optical illusion
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Complementary Floating Gate Transistors with Memristive Operation Mode
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Polarity-tunable spin transport in all-oxide multiferroic tunnel junctions
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An electronic implementation of amoeba anticipation
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Building memristive neurons and synapses
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An electronic implementation of amoeba anticipation
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Ziegler, M.; Oberlaender, M.; Schroeder, D.; et al.
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An electronic version of Pavlov's dog
M. Ziegler, R. Soni, T. Patelczyk, M. Ignatow, T. Bartsch, P. Meuffels, H. Kohlstedt
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UV capillary force lithography for multiscale structures
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Exploring structural, electronic, magnetic and vibrational properties of nanostructures with a scanning tunneling microscope
M. Ziegler
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