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Fig. Measurement in comparison to the simulation of a memristive component (Hansen, Sci. Rep. 2015; Dirkmann, Sci. Rep. 2016; Solan, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 2017)

Analysis, Characterization and Simulation of Memristive Devices and Systems

To emulate neurobiological mechanisms of memory and learning within solid-sate devices, quantum mechanical laws are translated into electronic devices, i.e. in devices whose geometric dimensions are of the order of the wavelengths of electrons. This requires a close collaboration between state-of-the-art device technological, atomic-scale analytics, measuring technology, and theoretical modeling. In this context, the scientific work of this research topic is divided into two synergistically closely linked parts: material characterization and electronic characterization. furthermore, both experimental part s are supported by device modeling.