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Memristive Devices for Neuromorphic Systems

Within this research area, thin-film technology is employed for the fabrication of memristive devices (material deposition, lithography, etching). The fabricated devices must meet the special requirements of bio-inspired computational architectures, so-called neuromorphic systems, that they therewith enable the realization of novel electronics. This particularly requires the development of suitable device technologies for a wafer scale fabrication of memristive devices.

Fig. Quantum mechanical memristive device and crossbar integration: (a) Schematic cross-section of the double-barrier memristive device and its implemention into a 16 × 16 crossbar array consisting of 256 single cells. (b) I-V curves of a crossbar-device and (c) Resistance map at 0.9 V of one crossbar containing. (taken from Hansen et al. Sci. Rep. (2018) 8:8914)