Quality of Experience in Telemeetings and Videoconferencing: A Comprehensive Survey

Article in IEEE Access

Telemeetings such as audiovisual conferences or virtual meetings play an increasingly important role in our professional and private lives. For that reason, system developers and service providers will strive for an optimal experience for the user, while at the same time optimizing technical and financial resources. This leads to the discipline of Quality of Experience (QoE), an active field originating from the telecommunication and multimedia engineering domains, that strives for understanding, measuring, and designing the quality experience with multimedia technology. This paper provides the reader with an entry point to the large and still growing field of QoE of telemeetings, by taking a holistic perspective, considering both technical and non-technical aspects, and by focusing on current and near-future services. Addressing both researchers and practitioners, the paper first provides a comprehensive survey of factors and processes that contribute to the QoE of telemeetings, followed by an overview of relevant state-of-the-art methods for QoE assessment. To embed this knowledge into recent technology developments, the paper continues with an overview of current trends, focusing on the field of eXtended Reality (XR) applications for communication purposes. Given the complexity of telemeeting QoE and the current trends, new challenges for a QoE assessment of telemeetings are identified. To overcome these challenges, the paper presents a novel Profile Template for characterizing telemeetings from the holistic perspective endorsed in this paper.

Authors: Janto Skowronek; Alexander Raake; Gunilla H. Berndtsson; Olli S. Rummukainen; Paolino Usai; Simon N. B. Gunkel; Mathias Johanson; Emanuël A. P. Habets; Ludovic Malfait; David Lindero; Alexander Toet

Source: IEEE Access 10(2022), pages 63885-63931 (https://doi.org/10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3176369)