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The Department of Plastics Technologies

The Department of Plastics Technologies was founded at the beginning of the year 2009 at TU Ilmenau. It is part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and embraces the importance of plastics in daily life and in the economical sector of Thuringia. Plastics are versatile in their properties and are used in many different applications:

  • Packaging, vehicles, electrics/electronics/telecommunication, optics, medical engineering, household and leisure time as well as in clothing and industry, construction, energy management, agriculture and many other fields.

As a modern, multifunctional and environmentally responsible material, that can be assembled and processed in an energy-saving way with a manifold of methods, plastics are the success story of the past decades. Furthermore they feature a high future potential, which is mirrored in numerous application possibilities of plastics in a more and more customized society.

Plastics Technologies is a discipline, which follows from the intersection of Machine/ Processing Technologies, Application and Design and Materials Science. Consequently the knowledge a plastics engineer needs to perform in the industry such as raw material producers and processers or mechanical and tool engineering businesses is interdisciplinary and versatile.

A diversified job profile with numerous possibilities awaits a graduate with skills in plastics technologies. As a growth sector plastics will have a high economical impact and job offers are very good.

The Department of Plastics Technologies is part of the Institute of Automotive and Production Technologies and additionally participates in the Thüringer Innovationszentrum Mobilität (Thuringian Innovation Centre Mobility).

Furthermore the Department of Plastics Technologies is an endowed professorship at TU Ilmenau supported by STIFT (Thuringian foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research), industrial companies and the network of polymer businesses in Thuringia PolymerMat e.V.