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Technical Equipment


DeviceTechnical DataDescription/ Application
Burst Pressure Test Bench


Burst pressure measurement on PET- bottles, deformation and expanding behaviour

Hardness TesterShore A
Shore D
HDT Vicat-test deviceTmax=300°Cheat resistance, softening temperature
Roughness-/Surface Waviness AnalysisSingle: 20 mm
Height profile: +/- 300 µm
results: Rz, Ra, AMax;
Test Bench for measurement of latent heat storage materialSelf-build

free-programmable hot/cold-cycles for circulation media (until 95°C) for simulation of different applications

Impact pendulummax. 7,5 JouleCharpy, Izod

Universal Tensile Test Machine with Heat Chamber

Fmax=20 kN

Stress-strain curve, mechanical characteristics values, peel tests, temperature-dependent measurement

Universal Tensile Test MachineFmax=50 kNStress-strain curve, mechanical characteristics values, peel tests


DeviceTechnical DataDescription/ Application
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)Temperature range:-180°C...700°C

Determination of transformation temperatures and change in enthalpy

Dielectric analyzermax. 220°CAnalysis of cross-linking effects and hardening of resin systems
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) / FTIR- Spectroscopy

Analysis of thermical degradation

ATR-Unit fpr FTIR-SpectroscopyAnalysis of solid matter composition
dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA)Determination of dynamic and mechanical properties
Upgrading of DMAAnalysis of liquid and pasty samples
Thermomechanical Analyzer (TMA)Determination of temperature dependent changing of dimensions
Electronic Moisture AnalyzerDetermination of moisture content of samples
Analysis Scaleroom height: 70mmDetermination of density
High-Pressure Capillar Rheometer

Tmax: 400°C
ymax: 7000 1/s

Viscosity curves, Shear velocity
Rotation-/ Oscillation rheometerT: 20°C - 450°C
ymax: 1000 1/s

Fliow curves, hardening properties of resin systems, DMA,
Plate-Plate/ Cone-Plate
Xenon-Flash System -180 °C...+200 °CHeat conductivity

barrier properties of foils and thin sheets against water vapour

Oxygen-Permeameter barrier properties of foils and thin sheets against water vapour
Heater Wire-Cutter

Determination of PET-bottles section weights

Melt Flow Index-measuring instrumentMFI,MFR

Sheeting Technology

DeviceTechnical DataDescription/ Application
Mobile Thermal Imaging CameraRange:-10...+900°C
Resolution: 160x120 Pixel
Infrared-Heat Sensors

Range:-50...+1200 °C
Resolution: 12:1

Transmission-PolariscopeBirefringence test bench

Magnification: 0,65x - 100,0x
working distance: 92 mm

detail- and overview pictures
Profile Projectormax.height: 105mm
Computed Tomography System (CT)Resolution of detail: 1µm
test time: 2-30min
over Thüringer Innovationszentrum Mobilität
Scanning Electron MicroscopeResolution: 1.4nm
25x - 1.000.000x
Contact angle measurementdiff. test fluidsSessile-Drop-Method

Fibre Composite Technology

GerätTechnische DatenBeschreibung/Einsatzzweck
Extrusion blow molding
One-station (Shuttle)with tool for Shampoo bottles
Blasting test bench self-constructionstretch behavior of preforms
Laboratory machine injection blowing
Laboratory machine injection blow moldingLB01

Mechanical Laboratory

DeviceTechnical DataDescription/ Application
Twin Screw Extruder ZSK40

DSrew: 40 mm
L/D = 38

variable screw elements, different orifice assemblies, twin screw feeding units

Twin Screw Extruder ZSK25DSrew: 25 mm
L/D = 40
variable screw elements, different orifice assemblies, twin screw feeding units
Single Screw ExtruderDSrew: 45mm
L/D - 25 bis 35
based on modular units
Blown film systemself-constructionBlowMaster
Weighing and Mixing Station Koch-Technik

automatically feeding of extruder and injection moulding machines with adjustable mixing of pellets


vmax=15 m/min

Cutting millmax. part size: 50x 50x 50mm3
pellet size: 6 mm
Flat film extrusion nmax=15m/min
Strand Cooling Bath2000x 300x 300mm3in combination with ZSK 25
Strand Cooling Bath2500x 340x 340mm3in combination with ZSK 40

Thermical Laboratory

DeviceTechnical DataDescription/ Application
Microtome Cutterd=0,5 - 100µmThin-cutting sample
Grinding Table for SamplesD=203mmpreparation of samples and production of fine grinding surface patterns
5-Axes-Robotermovement range: 800mm

Optical Laboratory

DeviceTechnical DataDescription/Application
Electric Injection Moulding Machine
Loan Sumitomo Demag
Holding Force 500 kN;
Screw: 35 mm
Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine Holding Force 600 kN;
Screw: 35 mm
with handling unit
Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine
Loan Krauss Maffei
Holding Force 800 kN;
Screw: 35 mm
Injection molding machine for the realisation of alternative drives

2K-Injection Moulding Machine

Holding Force1600 kN;
Screw1: 45mm Screw2: 30mm

including sandwich body

Hydraulic Injection Moulding MachineHolding Force 600 kN;
Screw: 40mm
in connection with ZSK
test specimenProduction of test specimen:
tensile test DIN EN ISO 527
impact test DIN EN ISO 179
hardness measurement DIN EN ISO 2039
test specimenfiber orientation, filler distribution
plateAnalysis of back injection
insert molding

Other Devices

DeviceTechnical DataDescription/ Application
Injection Mixing System


Mixing System for epoxy- and polyester resin
Gear Pump - Dosing System


Mixing System for epoxy resin, polyurethane

Hydraulic Press

Fmax=1000 kN
T=20 - 250°C

Force-controlled/ path-controlled
electric heating
Laboratory PressFmax=300 kN
Muffel furnaceTmax=1500 °C
Vacuum pumppmax=800mbarVacuuminfusion
Lay-up table1,5 x 2,0 m
Permeability measuring cellSurface 335x335 mm
Measurement of material properties
Specimen Tool

335x335 mm
diff. gating systems

Production of test specimen, process analysis
Water-cooled diamond sawspecial Composite-edition for the manufacture of test specime
Hat profileAnalysis of the fiber volume content in radii
Plate335x335 mm2
Height max. 50 mm
Plate200x200 mm2
Height max. 30 mm