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Our Research Group teaches courses dealing with Public Relations, Crisis Communication, International Strategic Communication, Communicator Research, as well as Media Change and Social Media.

Left photo: © Luisa Schnier

Bachelor PR Seminar

In some of our courses, we work together with PR professionals, to give our students some first and realistic experience in the professional world. Since April, 2017, we cooperate with the PR agency PETT PR in our bachelor PR seminar, who, after 15 successful years, replaced our previous partner agency Kaltwasser Kommunikation. In the seminar, 4th-semester-students in junior agencies develop PR concepts for real clients. CEO Ninette Pett of PETT PR will not only acquire the clients for the seminar, but will also support the junior agencies during their conception of PR strategies and activities.

the department together with Ninette Pett and the partner companies of 2017
the seminar group of 2017 (photos: Henry Schikora)