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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gunther Notni

Endowed professor Industrial image processing

Phone 03677 69-3820

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Research Profile


Digital image processing technologies and image processing systems gain increasing market share in all areas of technology. This signal acquisition and signal processing technology continuously redefined its processing platforms and regularly follows the latest developments in the semiconductor market in the areas of

  • image acquisition technology (CCD, CMOS, sCMOS, emCCD, etc.),
  • data transfer (COAX Press, GiGE Vision, etc.) as well as
  • signal processing (GPU, SoC, many Core PC).

For research into these areas of image processing, preparatory work from the project of QualiMess (Digital image processing of the next generation for the intelligent measuring technology and image processing) should be used and serve as base technology. In particular, stronger research needs of local companies should be served in the next programming period.

Innovation strategy


New high performance multi channel image processing are to be achieved with the use of novel computer architectures which allow parallel and sequential processing. Through innovative concepts for

  • novel Smart Parallel Spectral Imager - SPSI
  • novel 3D Real Time Passive Imager - 3D RTPI and
  • novel Automated Sensor Evaluation Stands - ASES

this should be explored and demonstrated. Through innovative process interface these concepts should open up new areas of application for automation and process technology in mechanical engineering. In addition, the new research content aimed at the areas of automotive and mobility, medical technology, life sciences, security technology and industrial quality assurance.

In the project QualiMess Next Generation scientific principles and application-specific basis in the fields

  • Embedded Image Processing
  • Embedded Imaging Systems
  • 3D-Image Processing
  • Spectral Imaging and
  • Image processing interfaces for real-time communication peripherals

will be developed.