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Qualitätsmanagementbeauftragte des Rektorates

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... give your feedback using the opinion box.

Would you like to make suggestions, name problems or express praise?

Please use the opinion box for your message! Describe your concern as concretely as possible so that it can be assigned to a specific area of responsibility! You will be forwarded to a protected form.

To do this, you need to enter your university login. The QM Office is always forwarding your message to the responsible persons anonymously.

… give feedback on the workload of your studies.

In your opinion the credit points to be achieved for a certain module do not correspond to the workload required? Please use the opinion box for your feedback! Please make sure you follow the instructions below!

The workload of a student in Germany for an academic year amounts to approx. 1800 hours, whereby one credit point corresponds to approx. 30 working hours.

The credit points assigned to a module should realistically reflect the total expenditure for an averagely gifted student to complete the module (attendance times, self-study incl. examination effort). Your feedback on the workload will be used to further develop the teaching and study offerings, e. g. with regard to the adjustment of credit points.

By using the form of the opinion box please note the following information for feedback on workload:

  • Subject information: Workload in the degree programme [your degree programme][desired degree], e.g. Workload in the degree programme MB(Ba)
  • Specification of the name of the module/subject according to the module/subject catalogue.
  • Specification of module/subject number according to module/subject catalogue.
  • Concrete description of the workload, including assessment of the credit points to be awarded, if applicable.

All feedback is anonymised by the staff of the QM Office and then forwarded in summary to the responsible study programme commission. The study programme commission uses the feedback for discussion and recommends adjustments if necessary.

Please understand that it is unfortunately not possible for the QM Office to inform you personally about any changes that may have been initiated in the case of feedback on the workload of the QM Office. If you are interested, please contact the student representatives on the respective study programme commission.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

… who can use the opinion box and how incoming messages are processed.

All members of the university have the opportunity to address their concerns to the Quality Management Office at any time using Opinion Box.

Messages received in the opinion box are processed through a ticket system by the staff of the QM Office exclusively. The staff is obligated to handle the information in a confidential manner.

As part of the opinion box, personal data are collected in form of the email address of the member of the university (according to Thuringian Higher Education Act (ThürHG ) § 11 para. 1). Only the staff of the Quality Management (QM) Office knows the email address in connection with the submitted opinion. It is only used for personal feedback to the member of the university.

Received messages are always forwarded anonymously by the QM Office to the responsible persons.

Reports and analyses on the use of the opinion box (e.g. QM report) are only made in aggregated form and do not allow any conclusions on individuals.

All messages are recorded in the ticket system for a maximum of two years and then deleted irrevocably.