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Handling the impact of Corona/COVID-19 regulations for research projects

Some funding agencies have issued regulations in order to enable their funded projects to continue in an efficient manner. Other funding agencies will be making decisions on a case-by case basis.

The Reserach Service Division will keep you up to date continually. If you have any new information or experiences pertaining to the situation, please send a message to Thank you!

Internal university regulations:

If the current situation causes any delays in any of your projects, we recommend that you speak to your funder directly.

German Research Foundation (DFG)

The German Reserach Foundation is continually publicising updated information on the handling of the Corona pandemic on its web pages.  It has specified rules for project extensions and work contract extensions as well as stipends/scholarships.

Actual overview (May 20th, 2020)

Federally funded projects

The federal funding consultation agency "Research and Innovation" gave the following information upon request: 
"There are currently no general statements covering all funding federal ministeries concerning goodwill regulations for project funding. However, considering potential issues with the continuation of funded projects, all available felxibilisation options for project funding should be made use of. Further easements are being discussed by the government at the moment. Which options might be applicable, has to be decided on a case by case basis. Therefore, please contact your project funder directly."

The hotline of the funding consultation agency is available to a limited extent. Inquiries should be submitted by email.

BMBF research funding  (26.03.2020)
see also here

  • documents can be submitted by e-mail, originals can be submitted later
  • deadline extensions are possible (in agreement with the project agency)
  • reimbursement of cancellation costs for travel are possible

ZIM-KF Projects (March 19th 2020 statement)
"Considering the spread of the Corona vrius, the BMWi as well as ZIM project funders are currently working on specific regulations such as simple standard procedures in case of unforeseen project delays."

BMWi-ZIM projects (April 17th 2020)
FAQ on application and funding issues during the COVID-19 crisis (in German)

BMWi (April 9th 2020)How does Corona affect research and Innovation? Online survey by innovative companies (in German)



H2020 projects


Some (not all!) forthcoming submission deadlines affected by CORONA/COV19 have been postponed by EU-COM.

In ongoing projects, costs (e.g. cancellation costs for travel) caused by COV19 can be declared eligible for funding under certain circumstances and after a case-by-case examination by the project officer. However, this will not increase the total amount of the grant.

EU-COM has assured that it will be flexible with regard to corona-related postponements and delays. Please always contact the responsible coordinator/project officer in the event of such delays.

All information and an FAQ on the most important questions can be found on the ERA-Corona Platform.

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) information: "Pressespiegel Internationale Hochschulwelt - Corona editon"

In order for you to be able to stay informed on the effects of the Corona crisis on global academia, the DAAD Competency Centre for International Research Cooperation is going to periodically gather world-wide news coverage in the new "Pressespiegel Internationale Hochschule -Corona Edition" from today. Link

Starting from the next issue, you will be able to subscribe to the edition in case you are interested in receiving it regularly. 

You can also find more information on the DAAD reaction to the Corona pandemic at

Thüringer Aufbaubank projects (Thuringian EFRE/ESF guidelines)

The deadline for the 2019 proof of use deliverables continues to be April 30th 2020. Other concrete issues can be discussed directly with the individual project managers at Thüringer Aufbaubank.

Volkswagen Foundation

The Volkswagen Foundation is trying to react to the challenges presented by this crisis in a flexible and pragmatic manner. Staff are available via e-mail and will attempt to find non-bureaucratic solutions for all emerging problems. The Foundation has extended the deadlines for a number of funding programmes until the fall. Others may follow (Overview of funding programmes: ). 
The Foundation's event series at Schloss Herrenhausen has been cancelled. (Source: Interview with the Foundation's Secretary General, Georg Schütte, 25.03.2020, published at

Carl-Zeiss Foundation

The Carl-Zeiss Foundation is entering into a dialogue with researchers and endeavouring to find pragmatic solutions to all problems related to funded project together in this current situation. Proposal deadlines (e.g. for the "Durchbrüche" program) will stay unchanged for the time being.

The Foundation has joined the call "Stiftungsengagement im Zeichen der Corona-Krise" (Foundation engagement in times of the Corona crisis) of the Federal Foundation Association.                           


Fritz Thyssen Foundation

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation is continuing operations and is available in case of any issues. All events prior to April 30th are cancelled. Deadline extensions are neither planned for nor necessary due to the open-ended nature and recurring submisison dates of the funding schemes. (Link: