Under the banner of sustainability and technology sovereignty

The globally increasing demand for semiconductors illustrates how important an intact value chain is nationally and internationally. However, as a result of the worldwide advance in digitization, other issues are coming to the fore in addition to the mere availability of semiconductors: Technological sovereignty and trustworthiness in microelectronics ("Trusted Electronics"), sustainability aspects ("Green ICT") and next generation computing are just a few examples. To strengthen innovations in these areas, the German government has launched a corresponding microelectronics framework program. The MST Congress 2023 is intended to provide strong impetus and show that the achievement of climate targets and the economical, efficient use of energy can only be achieved through the use of microsystems and microelectronics.

As we have been doing for several years, we will not only be present with lectures, posters and an exhibition, but will also act as a sponsor. We would like to promote discussions, exchange knowledge and establish contacts with scientists who share our passion for sustainable technologies.

What we are presenting at MST Congress 2023:

  • neuromorphic acoustic sensing for high-performance hearing aids of tomorrow
  • a chip-integrated, energy-efficient and low-cost micropump without mechanical components
  • a humidity sensor based on SiCer technology (combination of silicon technology and ceramic multilayer technology)

Green electronics

Green electronics (or sustainable electronics) refers to the development and production of as climate-neutral as possible electronic devices and components that are manufactured and disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The aim is to minimize the negative impact of electronics on the environment and conserve our finite resources.

Contact persons

Maria Illing
Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies
Project Coordination

+49 3677-69 3400

See you at the International Congress Center Dresden level 2, booth 36!

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