Stretchable packaging and interconnection technology

Contact person

Prof. Heiko Jacobs

Phone +49 3677 69-3723


Prof. Matthias Hein

Phone: +49 3677 69-2832

Funding information

Project leader: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft 

Project number: JA 1023/8-1, STA 556/8-1, HE 3642/13-1

Participating groups: Nanotechnology Group, RF and Microwave Research Group

Period of funding: 01.01.2019 - 31.03.2023

Project information

Uwe Stehr
RF measurements on a coplanar line on a stretchable substrate

We have recently begun to research this field. Our points of entry comes from prior research where we have learned to produce and process chip scale functional device segments (LEDs, Transistors, and IC) pioneering work on an unique placement technology which is based on fluidic self-assembly and transfer whih allows us to place chip scale device segments onto unconventional substrates. At this point we have developed methods, which support the placement and electrical connection of semiconductor chips and chip scale packages onto the required rubber like substrates to enter this field. We have supporting unpublished results on stretchable and inflatable lighting structures, a partially functioning microphone array which morphs into a sphere, and a spherical touchpad. The supporting results have shown that the bottlenecks are not the applications but thelack of repeatability, reliability and a scalability of the fabrication processes and materials that are presently used.

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