Emmy Noether Programme

Controlled electrochemical energy conversion through near-surface flow influence

Contact person

Prof. Christian Cierpka
Engineering Thermodynamics Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-2445
e-mail:  christian.cierpka@tu-ilmenau.de

Funding information

Project leader: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Project number: CI 185/3-2

Participating groups: Engineering Thermodynamics Group 

Period of funding: 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021

Project information

Wiebke Rösing
Microfluidic fuel cell during fluid mechanical characterisation on the microscope

In the first sub-project, the research project aims to produce and characterize a microfluidic fuel cell in which the efficiency can be increased by secondary flows. In the second subproject the tent is to determine the flow around the hydrogen electrolysis on a macroscopic electrode including the temperature field and to measure it with high resolution with and without influence of Lorentz forces. To achieve these scientific goals, the following sub-steps are to be worked through:

- Design and production of a microfluidic fuel cell without adhesive technology

- Determination of the influence of the secondary flow on the material conversion at the electrodes

- Efficiency increase in microfluidic fuel cells through targeted secondary flows

- Preparation of macroscopic platinum electrodes with defected defect sites as bubble nucleation sites

- Reproducible stationary generation of hydrogen bubbles on macroscopic electrodes

- Determination of the three-dimensional temperature and velocity field on electrochemically generated hydrogen bubbles in a volume of 10x10x10mm³.