Precision generation and measurement of small static and dynamic forces using the radiation pressure of a multipass laser beam

Contact person

Dr. Suren Vasilyan
Process Measurement Technology Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-2452

Funding information

Project leader: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft 

Project number: VA 1213/2-1

Participating groups: Process Measurement Technology Group

Period of funding: 01.05.2019 - 30.04.2021

Project information

Suren Vasilyan
Photon momentum generated small forces. Optical arrangement of a typical macroscopic cavity for the detection, measurement and calibration of the forces in the nano and piconewton range by the radiation pressure effect of the multiple reflected laser light.

Force measurement technology, optomechanics and a large number of experiments on quantum motion are based on an accurate and precise measurement of the acting forces. By using the pulse of absorbed and re-emitted photons of a laser field it is possible to generate calibration forces which are directly traceable to the International System of Units (SI). In this project we propose a method to extend the effective use of the photon pulse by multiple reflection of a laser beam. We compare basic theoretical calculations with preparatory measurements related to a special case of the geometric and experimental setup, which aims at increasing the forces generated by the photon pulse from a few hundred pN to the sub-µN range. The aim of the project is a systematic, theoretical and experimental investigation of the possibilities to use the quantum mechanical approach to generate forces and to measure them by means of classical mechanical principles/systems. The basic physical limits of this approach, as well as other competing effects, which are always considered to be the cause of deviations in metrological applications, will be investigated in detail. Besides the practical perspectives resulting from the application of this method for precise force calibrations, the use of the method for calibrating the power of laser sources is also proposed.