Design and fabrication of structural patterns as silicon master, microfluidic and biochemical characterization of the fluid chips

Contact person

Prof. Andreas Schober
Nano-Biosystems Engineering Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-3387

Funding information

Project leader: AIF Projekt GmbH Berlin

Project number:  ZF4457304WO9

Participating groups: Nano-Biosystems Engineering Group

Period of funding:  01.06.2019 - 31.05.2021

Project information

The result of the development should be a complete serial platform technology consisting of master manufacturing, tool development and production as well as characterization/quality assurance of microfluidic structures. MFC-demonstrators (masters) in different substitutes will be developed and characterized according to fluidic and biotechnological parameters. Furthermore, a modular injection moulding/injection-compression tool will be developed, with which small series of MFC-masters can be moulded at low cost. The aim is to develop a master mould in which different structured wafers or with structured photo strips can be used as injection mould. This allows the use of materials for mass production. This allows testing very close to the final product at an early stage of product development. High development costs in the greatly shortened R&D phase are eliminated. The reproducibility of high production quality and the assurance of comprehensive application flexibility are the core and developments and characterize the level of innovation compared to the state of the art.