Ultimate Scaling and Performance Potential of MoS2 Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors

Contact person

PD Dr. Frank Schwierz
Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-3120
e-mail:  frank.schwierz@tu-ilmenau.de

Funding information

Project leader: DFG

Project number: SCH 729/26-1

Participating groups: Micro- and nanoelectronic Systems Group

Period of funding: 01.11.2019 - 30.04.2021

Project information

Christian Ziebold
Transfer characteristics of 2D MoS2 nanosheet FETs (gate length 1 and 10 nm) simulated with the quantum mechanical simulator ViDES. Shown are the drain currents (full lines) and additionally for the 1-nm transistor the thermionic (dashed) and the tunneling (dash-dot) components of the drain current.

For several years, two-dimensional (2D) materials beyond graphene, especially 2D transition metal dichalcogenides with MoS2 as the most prominent representative, have been intensively researched with respect to their suitability for electronic applications. However, MoS2 technology is still in an early stage of study and the potential of MoS2 field effect transistors (FETs) is still unclear. This situation provides the motivation for the ULTIMOS2 project, which is aimed at the production, theory and simulation of ultimate scaled MoS2 FETs. Three project partners with recognized and perfectly complementary expertise in the fields of technology and theory of 2D transistors will conduct intensive research on MoS2 FETs and work on the following tasks: (i) Investigation of the scaling behaviour of MoS2-FETs by experimental and theoretical studies, (ii) Demonstration of MoS2-FETs with sub -10nm gate length, (iii) Critical assessment of the potential of ultimate scaled MoS2-FETs, (iv) Exploration of the potential of p-type MoS2 FETs. The project will make use of modern technological equipment and methods and, in combination with extensive work on device theory and simulation, will lead to a significant improvement in the knowledge of physics, the limits of scalability and the performance of MoS2 FETs. Complete process flows for the realization of ultimate scaled MoS2-FETs with modules for the deposition of MoS2, gate dielectrics and the formation of ohmic contacts are established. The test structures and devices manufactured with these devices are subjected to comprehensive analysis and characterization, the results of which are in turn used to evaluate the theoretical results.