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The TU Ilmenau has positioned itself as a research intense university which feels obliged to do both fundamental research and applied research in specific areas. The university generates research performance on the highest national and international level and promotes interdisciplinary and cross-departmental cooperation in research and teaching. The TU Ilmenau pursues the ideas of Humboldt’s ideal of combining teaching and research and is aware of the social framework and its role as innovation driver for the region. In accordance with the TU Ilmenau mission statement, a major objective is to strengthen the university as an attractive and internationally recognized center for research. Against the backdrop of current developments, it faces new challenges in the fields of further internationalization of research, the concentration of scientific skills in interdisciplinary networks, the strengthening of promoting junior scientists and the equality of knowledge and innovation transfer in the society. The required structures shall be developed and strengthened with the help of a research strategy, which will ensure the sustainability of the TU Ilmenau.

The research strategy covers the following fields of activity:

  • Attracting and supporting young researchers
  • Fields of research and research profile
  • Ratio of fundamental and applied research
  • Scientific environment and non-university institutions
  •  Internationalization
  • Good scientific practice and quality management
  • Central institutions
  • Research-accompanying services

In a transparent process the university defines profile lines as interdisciplinary subject areas of basic research, in which the groups of the TU Ilmenau particularly prove their research strength by strategic and interdisciplinary cooperation in order to support the reputation of the entire university. On 10 April 2018 the Senate of the TU Ilmenau defined the following profile lines:

  • Functional materials & technologies: This profile line is based on interdisciplinary research work in development and application of functional materials and micro- and nanomaterials as well as by their targeted structuring. By means of micro- and nanointegration procedures, their usability in the macro world is guaranteed, e.g. for applications in sensor technology, electronic engineering, energy technology, communication technology or bio-systems technology. The micro- and nanointegration procedures already cover a wide range of bottom-up and top-down methods for production and structuring and comprehensive analytics.
  • Intelligent sensor technology and precision metrology: This line comprises the holistic research of nanopositioning and nanometrology, nanofabrication, intelligent process measurement technology, image processing and Lorentz force velocimetry. Other areas involve research and application of intelligent sensor technology and sensor networks in the automotive field, in mechatronics and bio-mechatronics, in production technology and factory automation.
  • Complex systems and data-intensive engineering: This line covers methods and techniques for the holistic development, production and use of complex technical systems and the analysis of their dissemination in and impact on economy and society. Concrete operational areas at the TU Ilmenau are in particular micro systems technology, digital media technology, software and automation technology and mobile communications. This also includes data-intensive methods of access to large databases and their evaluation as in the fields of measurement technology, sensor technology, medical technology, fluid engineering and social media communication.

These profile lines refer to both basic fields and specific fields of application and technology, including assistance systems, energy system technology, life-science technologies, media, human beings & society, mobile communications, micro- and nanosystems engineering, mobile autonomous and networked systems as well as production technology and automation.

Research at the TU Ilmenau takes place both at the departments

as well as at the interdepartmental institutes