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Here you can find an overview of selected research projects at TU Ilmenau, such as

Research projects of TU Ilmenau 2017

in accordance with the Guidelines on Transparency in Research and Science

Third-party funded projects of TU Ilmenau 2017

The third-party-funded research projects of all Thuringian universities and the guidelines can be found on the websites of theThuringian Rectors' Conference.

ESF and EFRE funded projects

EFRE and ESF - European Structural Funds for Thuringia 

The main objective of European regional policy is to generate more growth and more jobs for all regions and cities in the European Union. The EU's two Structural Funds ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and ESF (European Social Fund) are the most important instruments for this purpose. The Member States of the EU pursue two main objectives with the use of ERDF and ESF:
1. combating and redressing the main imbalances between European regions (ERDF) and
2. strengthening economic and social cohesion (ESF).
For Thuringia, € 1.47 billion are available in the ERDF and € 499 million in the ESF for the funding period 2014 to 2020.

ESF Thüringen