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As a doctoral student at TU Ilmenau, you have the opportunity to complete the certificate "Leadership in Science" in addition to your professional qualification. The certificate certifies that you have completed a total of 120 work units of continuing education. It gives you the opportunity to sharpen your professional profile and to develop your interdisciplinary skills.

Structure and procedure

The program is made up of three modules that do not necessarily build on each other. You can always complete them in parallel and independently of each other.

Registration and conditions of participation


You can find the current events here. For the workshops you can register via the registration system of the TU Ilmenau Tower II - Division of Research Services and Technology Transfer (Forschungsservice und Technologietransfer - Graduate Center.

The courses are free of charge for doctoral students of the TU Ilmenau. In order to keep it that way, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the Conditions of participation. Thank you.

Certificate consultation


Are you interested in going through the certificate program, but still have questions about it? Then you will find further information in our Inranet. Of course you can also ask directly:


Alexandra Dalek


+49 3677 69-4792

Certificate graduates

Moritz Scharf (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Christoph Brosinsky (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)

Laura Mohr-Weidenfeller (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Stefanie Freitag (Department of Computer Science and Automation)

Laura Martin (Division of Research Services and Technology Transfer)

Maren-Christina Blum (Department of Computer Science and Automation)

Lisa Zeußel (Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

Philipp Patrick Vieweg (Department of Mechanical Engineering)