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Division for Research Service and Technology Transfer

The German Research Foundation (DFG), federal and state level ministries, the European Union and other third parties and foundations support and fund research projects. The Division for Research Service and Technology Transfer (FuT) supports scientists of the TU Ilmenau in their selection of a suitable funding program, in the application process for the funded project, in the field of contracting and in all questions of transfer. Please contact us. 

Division for Research Service and Technology Transfer

Dr. Dörte Gerhardt

  • General funding advice
  • Focus:
    • National research funding
  • Technology transfer

03677/ 69 2512

Thomas Mirow
  • General funding advice
  • Focus:
    • Research funding by the European Union
    • Funding programs of the der Thüringer Aufbaubank (TAB)

03677/ 69 2555

Angelika Einenkel
  • Sample applications, model contracts
  • Processing of national grant applications (except TAB) 

03677/ 69 2513

Jan Radicke
  • Start-up Service
  • Technology transfer

03677/ 69 2528

For consulting on the exchange of scientists, scholarships and research stays abroad, please refer to the International Office  Akademische Auslandsamt



Funding database ELFI

ELFI is the service provider for electronic information on research funding in the German speaking area. It runs a database collecting information on research funding and processes it accordingly. Scientists, research administrators, students and companies can use this information provided online. 

The database ELFI currently contains:

more than 11,000 programs
about 4,900 national and international sponsors

(as of 04/2018)

The funding database is freely available from the network of the TU Ilmenau.

To the database