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The TU Ilmenau understands the transfer of its research results into economy, society, culture and politics and the interaction with stakeholders from these fields as the third mission besides research and teaching. Transfer of research results is characterized as a multi-directional process, with the TU Ilmenau providing its partners with knowledge and innovations and also including the partners‘ suggestions and ideas to solve specific questions related to economy, society, culture and politics.

The TU Ilmenau has identified five fields of activity for the research transfer covered with objectives and measures:

  • Transfer of information and knowledge
  • Personnel transfer
  • Cooperation: Interacting research transfer
  • Property rights and other intellectual property rights
  • Spinoffs

The transfer strategy is based on the mission statement of the TU Ilmenau and addresses important aspects of its research strategy. Here the TU Ilmenau is aware of its role and responsibility for the society and places its research results to the good of the society and the benefit of the economic development, thus contributing to the science-based evolution of the society. The international visibility of the research performance and achievements of the university is equally in the focus of the research transfer activities of the TU Ilmenau as its responsibility as innovation driver for the region.

Cooperation Partners
Business Start-ups
Property Rights