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A doctorate serves the proof of qualification for autonomous in-depth scientific work.

After a successful PhD examination procedure the TU Ilmenau awards the following doctoral degrees:

  • Doktoringenieur (Dr.-Ing.)
  • Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.)
  • Doctor philosophiae (Dr. phil.)
  • Doctor rerum politicarum (Dr. rer. pol.)
  • Doctor iuris (Dr. iur.)

The prerequisites and the detailed procedure are laid down in the Doctorate Regulations – General Provisions, and the details for the individual  funding and structured doctoral support are determined by the Departments in their “special provisions”.



Variety of doctoral programs

Wenn Sie an der TU Ilmenau promovieren möchten, benötigen Sie einen betreuenden Hochschullehrer. Kontaktieren Sie dazu bitte direkt die geschäftsführenden Referenten der Fakultäten oder die Fachgebietsleiter. 

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Individual doctorate

  • Direct connection to a Group; the topic for the doctoral thesis is provided by a responsible professor who also decides on the allocation
  • Financed by budgetary funds or third-party funding
  • Positions financed by budgetary funds require a certain number of teaching hours at the group of the professor.
Doctoral fellowship, scholarship or structured doctoral program

Thematically focused projects as part of

  • Research Training Group of the German Research Foundation (DFG) or the EU
  • Graduate Research School (e.g. Free State of Thuringia)
  • (Post) Graduate Funding by programs and foundations

Funding programs by scholarships

Announcing and awarding by a special awards committee and frequently with a multi-stage selection procedure

Research program is supported by several professors

Career-integrated (external) doctorate
  • Financed extramurally
  • Support for particular majors or subject areas, e.g. by companies or foundations

Consulting service for doctoral procedure

  • Admission 
  • International applicants 
  • FAQ

Consulting service for doctoral procedure