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Third-party funded research

A large part of the research projects at the TU Ilmenau are funded by public funding bodies.

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"Productive Teaming" is a joint research initiative of the Chemnitz University of Technology, the Technische Universität Ilmenau and the OVGU Magdeburg, which emerged from the Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network ("CHIM"). More information Limbach

Productive Teaming

In the new episode of "Forscher im Gespräch", the three representatives of the CHIM research network talk about the innovative concept of human/machine interaction, which is expected to profoundly change the production process: Artificial intelligence, software and sensor technology on the one hand, and humans on the other, working together as a real team.

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Scientific Year 2023 "Sustainability" possible

Researchers at TU Ilmenau are developing innovative technological solutions to preserve our natural life-support systems:
They are working on processes for the production of green hydrogen, making our power grids fit for the demands of the energy transition or further developing electromobility. They are already helping to shape a sustainable world of tomorrow.
With the Scientific Year 2023 "Sustainability" we are focusing on projects that pursue novel and resource-saving approaches in energy and medical technology, industrial production and information technology - technologies that record and regulate the state of plant and animal life in our ecosystems, but also new methods in our working world, in climate and energy communication or in digitization.

Website of the Scientific Year "Sustainability"

Current research

How can the energy supply be made CO2-free in the future? How can the kilogram be measured with high precision after its redefinition? And how can systems for processing digital data be made fail-safe and attack-proof? These are current questions that our scientists are answering. For such forward-looking national and international research projects, we bundle our competencies in interdisciplinary alliances and team up with renowned partners from science, industry and society.

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Economy and transfer

The transfer of our research results to the economy and thus to society as a whole is the third mission of TU Ilmenau alongside research and teaching - research transfer is an important social task for us. We offer our partners in business, politics and culture not only our knowledge, but also highly trained personnel, high-tech equipment and binding property rights.

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A research-strong university with a broad range of educational offerings builds on support structures that are capable of conducting research. The Technical University of Ilmenau has several structural units that provide advice and support for the upcoming research and transfer tasks.

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Scientific career

Scientific careerMichael Reichel (ari)

"Well-qualified young scientists are a prerequisite for securing research competence, innovative capacity and academic training in Germany in the long term," states the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We see it the same way. However, the career paths for young scientists are often difficult to grasp and sometimes rocky. For this reason, the TU Ilmenau supports doctoral candidates, post-docs, post-doctoral candidates, junior and tenure-track professors - in their individual career planning - also financially.

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