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Further Funding Possibilities

This page lists a choice of Scholarship programs of foundations and companies. Under section  "Scholarship-Databases" we additionally inform about further search options.

Scholarships of Foundations

Foundations and organisations to support the intellectually gifted ("Begabtenförderwerke") offer students financial support. Part of the scholar are often summercamps, invitations to conferences, personal consultation by tutors, Alumni-Networks or internships abroad.

Here is the link to an overview of foundations

Company´s Scholarship

Scholarships of companies are often awarded for subjects, which matter for the company´s work. Many companies offer to make first experience in their business, besides lectures and seminars. The additional non-material support ranges from company workshops to internships or dissertations in the company.

Here is the link to an overview of company´s scholarships

Scholarships Databases

Our collection of Scholarship programs is not exhaustive but there are many additional collections of partly over 1000 entries.

Here is the link to an overview of Scholarship databases