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Thuringian State Graduate Support


Graduated students

Funding period:
Two years

Funding amount:
1.400,- € per month; plus possible family allowance

Next awarding date:
1. April 2020

Expected amount of scholarships:
up to 10

Application period:
17.08.2020 - 06.09.2020


In order to support the growth of research in Thuringia the Technische Universität Ilmenau awards scholarships for dissertations to especially promising graduate students starting April 1th 2020 according to the Thuringian State Graduate Support Regulation (ThürGFVO) and as funds are available in the budget for this purpose. 

The limit of awarding at April 1th 2020 is maximum four applications, subject to the State allocation and authorisation. Thereof unaffected are application of extension the awarding for the second year. 

For the announcement of the awarding of scholarships you will find Information under section "Announcement of awarding, documents and online application platform" or here.

The application term ends at February 6th, 2020.

The awarding committee meets on March 27th, 2020.

Award criteria

A scholarship can be awarded (Award Criteria) to those who:

  • Fulfill the admission requirement for a dissertation,

  • Show an above average record of test and university performance and thus prove especially

    suited for research work,

  • Have chosen a dissertation topic that can provide an important contribution to expanding the

    boundaries of research in that field,

  • Have prepared for writing a dissertation at Ilmenau University of Technology or have already

    prepared a dissertation topic and have received no funding,

  • Are being supervised in their dissertation writing by a professor from Ilmenau University of

    Technology or one from another Thuringian University AND

  • Is not working.
    (cooperative work in research or teaching at a Thuringian University or other Thuringian research facility of max. 10 hours per week or some other gainful employment of max. five hours per week is allowed). 

In the case of equal qualifications, scholarships should be awarded equally to women and men, provided that a sufficient number of suitable applications are submitted. In addition, the special concerns of persons with disability or chronic illness as well as the proofed willingness to engage voluntarily within and outside the TU Ilmenau, social criteria and the time required to fulfil the prerequisites for the doctorate project, will be considered.

Support´s amount of the Scholar


expected basic stipend1.400,00 € monthly
Addendum for families with one dependent child300,00 € monthly
for each additional child150,00 € monthly


In addition, as available resources allow, an application can be made for funding for working funds and transportation costs that are necessary for carrying out the doctorate project as special donation. These funds can reach up to 1,000 Euros per year. Persons with disability or severe chronic disease are said to be, taking into account available resources, receive an appropriate grant for aid on request.


In case of a yearly income of the scholarship holders and those of his or her wife / husband or life partners according to the Civil Partnership Act (Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz) is higher than 75,000 euros, the basic amount is reduced to 800.00 EUR. The annual income is the sum of the positive income according to the Income Tax Act (German: EStG) after deduction of income tax, church tax and social contributions. The year preceding the application is decisive.

If the spouse or the other parent is supported by a scholarship according to the ThürGFVO, the family addendum will only be paid in half the amount. 


The application must include the following documents, which are listed at the tendering paper.

Please submit the application at latest by February 6th, 2020 at the application platform Mobility Online.


A legal claim does not exist.

Funding period and appropriation period

As a rule the support lasts two years and is preferential an initial funding. In exceptional cases it can be extended for six months thereinafter other applications of first time awarding or extension the awarding.

The scholarship will be awarded for one year (awarding period). An application for an extension must be submitted within the application term (see form Tendering under Announcement of awarding, documents and online application platform), but no later than two months before the end of the current appropriation period.

When submitting an application for extension, please include the following: 

  • A letter of application indicating the desired extending awarding period (max. one DIN-A4 page);

  • A completely filled out form for the application for doctoral scholarship 

  • A chronological and topic oriented report on the course of previous research, including details 

    on the research and time schedule needed to finish the project 

  • A supervisor’s assessment of the PhD candidate’s report 

  • A current confirmation of enrollment

  • A current declaration of income and bank account information and a current declaration of data privacy protection

Announcement of awarding, documents and online application platform

Referat Marketing


Contact: Frau Anett Zimmermann

Phone: 03677-691733, E-Mail:

Visiting address: Max-Planck-Ring 14, House G, Room 1260

Office Hours: appointment only on agreement


Documents for the tendering: 

1. Tendering for Doctoral Scholarships

2. Formblatt Einkommenserklärung und Bankverbindung (German only)

5. Formblatt Datenschutzerklärung (German only)

6. Form of the report

7. Thüringer Graduiertenförderungsverordnung (German only)


Entrance to the application platform Mobility Online (english), click here.

During the period of support the entrance to "Mobility Online" for registered scholarship holders is offered here. It is to be used for upload of documents or applications for suspension, lengthening of the period of Support because of maternity protection or for information about the end of the support before maturity.