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TU Ilmenau Scholarship

TU Ilmenau Scholarship

The university awards Scholarships for junior researchers as well as students on basis of § 56 Absatz 1 Satz 2 Nr. 2 des Thüringer Hochschulgesetzes (ThürHG) and the statute for the awarding of scholarships at TU Ilmenau.

Aim of the programs is the support of:

  • Habilitations plans
  • Doctoral plans
  • Studies with Double Degree
  • Studies with single degree given that funding from supporters are available

Scholar can be awarded within the scope of:

  • Full sponsorship
  • Re-entery sponsorship
  • Start-up sponsorship
  • Degree sponsorship

If fundings are available, the tendering is made by the rectorate.

Awards commission

The award commission is responsible for the assignment of scholarships within the scope of two young talents support programs  § 56 Thüringer Hochschulgesetz (Thuringian Graduate Funding and the TU Ilmenau Scholarship Program). It is responsable to ascertain the presentation of the conditions for granting a scholarship and for selecting the scholarship holders. The member of the awards commission are elected by the Senate for two years as term of office.

The composition of the Commission is based on the university statutes of the Commission for the granting of scholarships for the promotion of scientific young academics. The commission decides on the advertising of the scholarships and fixes in accordance with the Thuringian postgraduate's support or the University of Technology of Ilmenau scholarship statute, the approval period, the height, the whole duration as well as any suspension or untimely ending of the support.

 Members of the awards commission 2019-2021