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The Master can be started either in autumn, October 1st, or spring, April 1st. For more information about the dates have a look at the "Semestereckpunkte".

The Master of Media Technology is designed for three semesters and 90 credit points, which are devided as follows:

  • 45 CP technical courses
  • 5 CP non-technical courses
  • 10 CP media project
  • 30 CP master thesis

 More information about the program can be found on the Master's informational page.


Within their studies the students can choose between courses from the following subject areas of Media Technology:

  • Media technology
  • Signal processing and transmission
  • Practical Computer Science
  • Graphical image processing and virtual techniques
  • Lighting technology and optics



The official and complete summary of all the courses offered in the different parts of the Master can be found in the "Modultafeln". This is an overview about all modules offered within the study program, including information about the language and the semester.

From the first part called "Wahlbereich" you have to chose 45 CP of technical courses

The second part lists the non-technical courses to choose from, to fulfill 5 CP of "Schlüsselkompetenzen", which means key competences.

Technical Courses

The following list contains all technical modules in English depending on the semester they take place in. Please note that more courses in German are listed in the "Modultafeln".

*The highlighted courses are offered by the Media Production Group.

Winter term

In English:

Summer term

In English:

  • Advanced Psychoacoustic*: The lecture is divided into two parts, one focussing on presenting the advanced basics, the second part contains the development of the research topic, planing the experiment, and conduct the experiment.
  • Video Coding*: 2-D und 3-D signal processing, motion estimation and compensation and psycho-optical effects are examples of this lecture's agenda.
  • Video Systems Technology*: Contents are Interfaces, MPEG Standards, Protocols, IPTV, Display Technology, Virtual Studio, UHD, HDR, Tone mapping, Post production, Scene analysis, 3D video (Geometry aspects, depth-based image rendering), Motion capture  and effects, 360° video, Video VR
  • Multirate Signal Processing*: The course focuses on sampling in 1 and more dimensions (Images...), z-Transforms in multirate systems, filter banks for coding applications, Polyphase representation, Low Delay Filter banks and application examples
  • Mobile Communications
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

In German (but with the possibility to complete the project assignment in English):

  • Usability Engineering 2*: This 5CP subject is an introduction to the human-machine interaction. Concepts and methods for the analyses of requirements, the design and the evaluation of interactive systems are imparted.

Non-technical Courses

The following non-technical courses which can be chosen for the 5CP of "Schlüsselkompetenzen" are offered in English language:

  • Academic English (C1)
  • Academic Writing 1 (C1)
  • Marketing 5/1: Services Marketing
  • Soft skills
  • Technical language of technology - English 2 (C1)
  • Scientific Seminar
  • Scientific methods and experiments

In addition to these subjects you can also choose from another variety of language courses and more. These are also listed in the "Modultafeln". More information about the courses can be found on "Studium Generale" as well as the dates and the registration. Please sign up for courses listed in the referring "Wahlkatalog" only. The "Spracheninstitut" publishes the course dates and the dates of enrollment in the beginning of every semester.



Media Project and Master Thesis

Media Project and Master Thesis

© TU Ilmenau/M. Reichel

Media Project

The Media Project takes place in the second semester. It is obligatory for all Master students and valid 10 CP. You should do it in a group with minimum two students. The topics currently offered at the "Institut für Medientechnik" can be found with the following list of "Themen für Abschluss- und Projektarbeiten".

Master Thesis

The Master thesis, which contains 30 CP, is scheduled for the last semester. The topics can be found individually at the university's different chairs and institutes. Also cooperations with the industry are possible. The topics currently offered at the "Institut für Medientechnik" can also be found with the following list of "Themen für Abschluss- und Projektarbeiten". The working time is six months, starting with the registration at the examination office. In justified cases this can be extended on request. The 30 CP are devided into 28 for the thesis and 2 for the final colloquium.



© TU Ilmenau/M. Reichel

The Master of Media Technology prepares you to manage business projects, to build up your own enterprise or for occupations in research and development. To complete your profile you might accomplish an internship or a semester abroad during your master studies.


Internships are not mandatory as they are not scheduled in the study plan. If you want to go for an internship voluntarily, some things need to be considered:

Are you allowed to work with your visa? If you are allowed to work, how many days?

Do you want to take a whole semester off (herefore see the information about holiday semesters) or continue with your studies?

After completing all exams it will be difficult to go for an internship. You'll face some difficulties with the "Ausländerbehörde" as they expect you to complete your studies as soon as possible, i.e., you should go for the thesis instead.

Going abroad

The Master of Media Technology doesn't require an international semester, but it is possible to study at another university voluntarily. Ilmenau University of Technology offers a broad range of possibilities to go abroad. There are partner universities all around the world. The Institute of Media Technology has partner universities in Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Spain. For more information about these universitys see the university's international page. Many stays abroad are financially supported.

Career prospects

Ilmenau's Media Technology graduates enjoy an excellent reputation and work worldwide in small, medium-size and large companies in the following fields:

  • Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications and internet applications
  • Audio, film and TV production
  • Automotive Development
  • Medical Technology / Engineering
  • Digital information and communication

For a detailed statistic of our alumnis see the "Karriere-Aussichten".