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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Patrick Mäder (JP)

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Endowed Chair

Software Engineering for Safety-Critical Systems

Failure of safety-critical software systems to operate correctly can cause serious harm to the public - consider devices such as pacemakers, aircraft control, and train signals. Accordingly, manufacturers of such systems need to ensure that their software is safe for its intended use. Software engineering offers methods that support developers and other project stakeholders in a systematic development of such systems. Especially, requirements management, model-based development, and software traceability concepts support stakeholders in capturing dependencies of a development process and in demonstrating a systematic development approach. We have long-term experiences in the development, improvement, and project-specific customization of software engineering methods. Furthermore, we regularly conduct extensive empirical studies on development problems and the effect of development methods. Our work is driven by open research issues as well as by problems of industrial partners. In many projects we collaborate with international partners.