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Prof. Dr. Patrick Mäder (JP)

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Endowed Chair

Software Engineering for Safety-Critical Systems

We are a group located at the Department of Computer Science and Automation within the Institute for Computer and Systems Engineering. Founded only 2,5 years ago, the group has delivered substantial momentum and consists by now of 13 professional researchers and many active student helpers. Our group has a broad set of expertise in computer science, engineering and related areas and a substantial background in industry. Our research focus distributes across four main areas and especially their intersection.

Software Engineering

  • Software Traceability
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Program Comprehension
  • Design and Evolution Support
  • Parallel Computing
  • Mobile Software Engineering

Safety Engineering

  • Continuous Certifiability
  • Safety Case Construction
  • Compliance Demonstration
  • Certifying Machine Learning Components

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning
  • Interactive Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Sequential Data Analysis
  • Preprocessing and Curation
  • Data Analytics

Computational Biology

  • Species Identification
  • Citizen Science
  • Taxonomic Reasoning
  • Biomedical Analyses