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The DAAD Special Programme entitled "Academic Restoration of South Eastern Europe" was established in late 1999 in addition to the standard DAAD programmes operating in the region. It is funded by the German Foreign Ministry from the German contribution to the Stability Pact and was scheduled to run for four years (until the end of 2003). Then it was prolongated to run until December 2006.


Progam Objectives

Quick and sustainable improvements to the quality of education and training offered at universities and colleges in South Eastern Europe, the establishment of teaching and research networks, specifically-targeted support for young academically-qualified experts from the region.

Core Subject Areas

Engineering, agriculture and forestry, health and social sciences, law, economics and business studies are particularly relevant to the reconstruction of the region.

Participating Countries

Participating Countries in SEE

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Cooperation with Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia is only supported in cooperation with partner countries from the first group of countries.


Program Components

Disciplinary partnerships between German and South Eastern European universities, regional scholarship holder groups to be qualified in core subject areas at German and South Eastern European universities.

Support Measures

Intensive specialist courses,scholarships for students and graduates, teaching and research stays for university professors and lecturers, project coordination/planning measures,support for German language courses, limited equipment grants for South Eastern European partner universities,as well as reintegration assistance for academics returning to their home university.