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Start of studies


If required, TU Ilmenau Service GmbH offers first-year students the opportunity to prepare for engineering, scientific or mathematical studies immediately before they start their studies.

In addition, there are offers for revision courses for students in basic scientific subjects during their studies.

Start of the studies

Info events : Bachelor and Diplom-Ingenieur

The introductory week offered by the university aims at first-year students in bachelor programs who are starting their studies at the TU Ilmenau in the current winter semester.

You can expect a programm (editorial status 27 June 2018) on all kinds of interesting topics concerning studies and the university.

Tutors - students of higher semesters - will accompany you not only during the first days but also during the entire first academic year at the TU Ilmenau within the framework of a mentoring programme and will assist you with words and deeds.

The University Library (UB) offers introductory courses for freshmen for orientation in the UB and for the acquisition of skills for targeted information procurement and literature research. You can find out more at the information desk of the UB and from the tutors.

The Student Council (StuRa) of the TU Ilmenau maintains its own web portal on which it provides information about StuRa events at the beginning of the studies. The portal is available at the following URL

The female technicians offer a mentoring program Mentorinnenprogramm for women in technical courses of study.