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Division ASC

Classroom planning and course catalogue

The semesterwise classroom planning for all courses at the TU Ilmenau is organized centrally for the departments by the Academic Service Center, supported by the departments.

The results of this planning process are published in the electronic course catalogue for each semester. The course catalogue covers both courses and examinations.

When classrooms are required for special events or conferences, individual applications are considered and reviewed in the ASC and finally approved by the Director of Administration and Finance of the TU Ilmenau.

Please apply using the forms below.

Division ASC

Classroom planning : Contact person

Ms. Dipl.-Ing. Petra BarthelBuilding G 1320+49 3677 69 1747

Division ASC

Classroom planning : Contact by email

Division ASC

Classroom planning : Course catalogue

Division ASC

Classroom planning : Dates

Publication dates


Publication of courses

Winter semester15th September
Summer semester15th March

Publication of examinations

Winter semester15th December
Summer semester15th June