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Maternity leave : Motivation

According to the Maternity Protection Act, universities have a duty to provide assistance to pregnant and nursing students and their children.

Student admission

Maternity leave : Contact person

Ms. Dr. Carola RittigASC Info Desk+49 3677 69 2030

Student administration

Maternity leave : Contact by email

Student administration

Maternity leave : Pregnancy registration

When you would like the University to take care of you within the framework of the Maternity Protection Act, please inform the ASC as soon as the pregnancy has been confirmed.

Please use the following form and enclose proof of the expected date of delivery (e.g. copy from the maternity log).

Information on pregnancy

Student administration

Maternity leave : Risk assessment

An abstract risk assessment of your specific degree programme will be carried out in cooperation with the Division of Education of the department responsible for your degree programme, if it does not already exist, and you will be informed accordingly.

Abstract risk assessment of a degree programme


You find risk assessments that are already available in the following overview.

Risk assessments of degree programs

BachelorAMK | BMT | BTC | EIT | FZT | II | IN | LA | MA | MB | MTR | MT | MW | OST | TKS | TPH | WI | WIW | WSW |
MasterBT | BTC | CSP | EGT | EIT | EPC | FZT | II | IN | MA | MB | MBT | MKW | MNT | MT | MTR | MW | OST | RCS | RET | TKS | TPH | WI | WIW | WSW |
Dipl.-Ing.EIT | MB |


Student administration

Maternity leave : Publications and forms

Student administration

Maternity leave : Scope of protection and claims

MuSchG - Scope of protection and claims

Protection period before delivery
Basic exemption from study obligations
6 weeks
Periods of protection after childbirth
Basic exemption from study obligations
8 weeks
12 weeks in case of premature and multiple births
12 weeks at the request of the disabled child, if medically determined within the first 8 weeks after delivery
Protection during the whole pregnancy and breastfeeding period
against activities involving special loads
from work on Sundays and public holidays
Requirements during the entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period
for compensation for disadvantages in order to minimise time delays in the course of the study
for resting, reclining and breastfeeding facilities on campus
Entitlement to exemption for medical examinations related to pregnancy and breastfeeding

If this does not conflict with the health protection of mother and child, you as a student may waive your maternity leave under the Maternity Protection Act both before and after childbirth.

Student administration

Maternity leave : Regulations

The listed regulations are reading and working versions but are no legally binding versions which can be used in court where only the official legal documents in German are accepted.


Student administration

Maternity leave : Consultancy services

The university offers a wide range of advisory services on maternity protection. The following counselling centres are available.

  • Campus Family
  • Equality Council
  • Central Student Advisory Service
  • Division ASC
  • Divisions for education of the departments
  • University Security Officer
  • Company doctor at the university
  • Student Council
  • Thuringia State Student Services