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Student administration

Re-registration : Motivation

With the remittance of the semester contribution , in general within a by the university defined re-registration period, you start the free of charge process for re-registration for the following semester.

You inform the university that you would like to continue your major in the semester in question. Thus the university can plan rooms and staff in due time and in sufficient quantities so that students can participate in the teaching process in the desired subjects.

When your re-registration has been completed successfully, you receive an automated email sent to your email inbox at TU Ilmenau.

Student administration

Re-registration : Deadlines

The deadline has been maintained when

  • full payment has been received in the account of the university
    (semester contribution and possibly further fees) and

  • still due obligations with reference to the semester in terms of student administration have been met
    (e.g. subsequent submission of health insurance certificate, in general missing documents or update of the address for postal services)

You find the deadline for re-registration among the outlined key data for the semester on the right.

Student administration

Re-registration : You missed the deadline?

In principle, re-registration is also possible if you missed the deadline, but the university will charge a late fee.

Should you consider re-registration after the expiry of the deadline, you should first contact the students‘ office by sending an email to

Student administration

Re-registration : Regulations

The listed regulations are reading and working versions but are no legally binding versions which can be used in court where only the official legal documents in German are accepted.