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Student administration

Registration certificate : Motivation and contact person

The registration certificate or certificate of study serves as proof of the registration in a major at the university.

In general, this certificate is valid for one semester and is issued by the students’ office in the Academic Service Center at the ASC Terminals 

Student administration

Registration certificate : Content

The certificate contains the full name, date of birth, place of birth, validity period and important key data for the program, i.e. target degree, major, current semester and standard length of study.

The student number, which is only used within the university and represents a unique personal identifier, is not mentioned in the certificate.

The certificates are computer-generated and are not signed. Today many universities offer the possibility of an online verification with each individual document containing a unique verification number.

Student administration

Registration certificate : Online

Registration certificates can be compiled online via the Internet at the ASC Terminals or from one's own PC referring to the currently valid certificate and the certificate of the previous semester.

You need your thoska+ Student ID card for SSL client authentication when referring to functions of the online student and exam administration following URL