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Student administration

Registration : Motivation and contact person

Enrollment or registration in a major according to the Immatrikulationsordnung (Registration Regulations) is the basic requirement for participating in the offered courses, for taking examinations and for using the facilities of the university.

The students’ office in the Academic Service Center is the contact at TU Ilmenau.

The students’ office issues a student ID card after the student’s successful and first-time registration in a major at TU Ilmenau.

Student administration

Registration : Regulations

The listed regulations are reading and working versions but are no legally binding versions which can be used in court where only the official legal documents in German are accepted.


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Student administration

Registration : Requirements

Enrollment or registration in a major is successful under the condition that the applicant meets the appropriate requirements

Registration requirements
Meeting formal / regular admission requirements
Mastering the language of instruction in the major
Access to examination in the major in question is still given
Having paid the semester fee and possibly due fees and charges
Taking out health insurance
Availability of a study place for the applicant

Student administration

Registration : Documents

The following documents have to be submitted in the students’ office when enrolling.

Documents to submit
Enrollment application for non-restricted majors (applicant portal: Personal Account > My Documents)
Letter of acceptance of the study place  for restricted majors (applicant portal: Personal Account > My Documents)
Certified copies of certificates, grade reports and statements of performance
Furnishing proof of the still existing access to examinations when returning to the same major after a break
Proof of health insurance certificate
Biometrical photo for the student ID card
International students: valid passport with residence permit