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Student administration

Semester ticket Thuringia

The student ID card is valid as a train ticket with an updated stamp for the current semester, e.g.

gültig bis 30.09.2018

together with a valid official ID card with photo, or with a valid international student ID card for international students. This semester ticket is valid for selected regional trains (see Streckennetzplan / map of the public transportation system) of selected companies in the Free State of Thuringia (see Beförderungsbedingungen / Terms of Transportation).

The following documents are part of the contract concluded between Studierendenwerk Thüringen and Deutsche Bahn. The documents are provided and updated by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

Streckennetzplan                (Release: 09/2014 valid from WS 2014/15)

Beförderungsbedingungen           (Release: 09/2014 valid from WS 2014/15)

Beitragsordnung des Studierendenwerks Thür.          (Release: 11/2018 valid from SS 2019)

Please note that any unauthorized modification of the entries in the student ID card cancels the validity of this card as train ticket. If a student does not produce a valid ticket, he is considered a fare dodger and will be fined. The unauthorized modifications include - among other things - laminated, trimmed, glued or overwritten students ID cards.

Registration cerftificates are not accepted as a ticket.

Student administration

Semester ticket Thuringia : Legibility of the imprint

Please check the legibility of the imprint “Semesterticket“ and its validity before you submit the student ID card as train ticket.

With an illegible imprint or expired validity you are considered a passenger without valid ticket (fare dodger) and will be fined EUR 60 when your ticket is checked.

If the imprint is not clearly legible, please apply for a new student ID card at the central information desk in University Computer Center.