Welcome to the Career Center of the TU Ilmenau - the platform for internships and jobs

In cooperation with the European provider JobTeaser, the TU Ilmenau offers its students and companies an exclusive career and job portal.

For students

Are you a TU Ilmenau student looking for an internship, a temporary job or a permanent position? Then please register with your TU Ilmenau email address in the job portal so that you can find your dream job throughout Europe.

Your studies are coming to an end and you are not sure where to find the right job or what to consider when looking for a job or applying for one? Our we4you career counselingwill help you!


For companies

We are pleased that you would like to make your jobs available to our students. Please use this link to do so: Publish job offers at the TU Ilmenau (JobTeaser)

Posting job advertisements, internships etc. is free of charge. By posting your offer via the form, you can directly follow its further development (approval, number of hits), archive it when the position is filled, edit it yourself or publish it again.

Once you have registered, you can easily add new vacancies by accessing your Recruiter account directly thanks to your email and your chosen password.

If you are interested in a complete company profile (for partners of the TU Ilmenau, clusters, spin-offs and regional companies), please contact career@tu-ilmenau.de.