Corona information about the start of studies at the TU Ilmenau

Information on the start of studies under Corona conditions

We offer you the best conditions for studying according to the situation - because we...

How is the winter semester 2021/22 planned for freshmen at the TU Ilmenau?

Will the winter semester 2021/22 take place in attendance or online?

The Winter semester 2021/22 courses at the TU Ilmenau are planned to be attended in person.

This means that all events and courses are planned so that students can attend them in person. To ensure that everyone is safe, the respective Regulations of the State of Thuringia and the Infection Protection Concept regulations of the TU Ilmenau are adhered to. Due to their size, individual courses may have to be held hybrid, i.e. both online and in attendance, for capacity reasons.

Please inform yourself aboutvia the department pages,Moodleor at Intranet about current special features of the courses (e.g. pre-registration or planned online forms of teaching).

Attention: According to our infection protection concept the 3G-rule is valid for events - a participation is only possible if you are vaccinated, recovered or tested! To enable a quick check of the 3G rule, students receive a lecture hall pass.

Are there events for freshmen?


According to the current status, a first semester introduction week can take place. The Erstiwoche is organized by the university in cooperation with the students. You can find more information under "Getting Started"or on the pages of the ErstiWoche. The TU Ilmenau provides two Corona quick tests for each participant to make sure that the events can run safely.

In addition, as always, the TU Ilmenau Service GmbH will be Study preparation courses will be offered.

Attention: According to our infection protection concept, the 3G rule applies to events - participation is only possible if you are vaccinated, recovered or tested!

Information for students - Safe through the pandemic

In the intranet of the TU Ilmenau new students can find a detailed FAQ FAQ is available. In addition, you can find more helpful information and documents in the Safe through the Pandemic section.

Corona-related I can't afford to go to university - what options do I have?

Study ThuringiaPlus

First-year students now have the opportunity to receive support for their start in academic life. The one-time grant of 500€ is for first-year students from low-income families and can be applied for at the Studierendenwerk Thüringen (stw).

Prerequisite for the grant is, among other things, a first-time admission to a presence study at a Thuringian state or state-recognized university. The start-up aid can be used, for example, for PC hardware and software, study materials and literature, language courses, the semester fee or other items required for the start of studies.

Please note that the financial neediness must be proven by an application for educational support according to the BAföG or, in the case of foreign first-year students who are not entitled to BAföG, by a self-disclosure of their income and financial circumstances. The relevant provisions of the BAföG serve as a guideline for the examination of need.

The following application deadlines must be observed:

  • March 15 of each year for the upcoming summer semester.
  • 15 September of a year for the upcoming winter semester

Further federal support options

In addition to the BAföG and the bridging assistance, the federal government offers other possibilities of financial support. In the form of scholarships, e.g. through the Deutschlandstipendium or the Aufstiegsstipendium, as well as through educational loan programmes.

What is university life like under Corona conditions at the TU Ilmenau?

What are the current rules of conduct in University buildings?

In all buildings of the TU Ilmenau it is requested to wear a mouth-nose-protection. The obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering also applies in lecture halls,seminar rooms etc. after reaching the seat (also for examiners and students during examinations) -. unless the minimum distance of 1.5 m to other persons is guaranteed.. Please also make sure that you wear a qualified mouth-nose protection (medical face mask, FFP2 etc.) especially in closed rooms in situations where a closer or longer contact to other persons is unavoidable.

In order to guarantee a minimum distance in the seminar rooms, tables and chairs have been rearranged accordingly and seats have been marked. Please keep to this seating arrangement and do not move tables or chairs. In the lecture halls a seating plan has been drawn up with the help of green dots - please only use the seats marked with a green dot.

Furthermore, there are numerous facilities available in all buildings for disinfecting hands - these should be used when entering buildings and rooms.

Correct behaviour in lecture halls and seminar rooms helps to ensure that as many attendance events as possible take place and the risk of infection is minimised.

What do you have to look out for in the university library?

In the university library of the TU Ilmenau there are also Corona-related regulations that you must adhere to. In addition to the usual hygiene rules, you are only allowed to enter the library with a mouth-nose covering. When entering the library you have to sign in at the terminal with your thoska. As soon as you leave the library, you have to sign out again in the same way.

Furthermore you have to wear a mouth-nose-protection to keep the risk of infection at a minimum.

Further information on the hygiene measures of the University Library can be found at hereand can be obtained by telephone or on site from the staff.

Under what conditions can you eat in the canteen?

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen offers all members of the TU Ilmenau the possibility to use the refectory as well as the cafeteria. Strict rules also apply there in order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible.

Before entering the building, you have to register with the digital contact registration system. You must also put on a medical mouth-to-nose cover and wear it at all times while walking in the building. Only when you sit down in your seat can you remove the mouth-nose cover to eat. Already in the foyer you have to choose your meal and use the corresponding staircase. This way, the entrance to the serving area can be controlled and too many people can be prevented. In addition, the waiting areas have been clearly marked and ask you to keep a safe distance.

In order to guarantee a smooth process, the instructions of the staff must be followed.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to pay cash, you can only pay with your Thoska. This can be recharged in the foyer of the refectory.

Generally speaking:

  • As soon as you feel ill and are not completely fit, it is forbidden to enter all buildings on the campus of the TU Ilmenau.

  • The general cough and sneeze labels also apply at TU Ilmenau.