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  • Federal State: Thuringia
  • County: Ilm County
  • Number of inhabitants: 38,400 (as of 30.06.2020)
  • Area: 198.69 km²
  • Districts: Core town + 16 districts
  • Lord Mayor: Dr. Daniel Schultheiss

Brief description

The Goethe and university town of Ilmenau has much to offer. Located in the middle of the green Thuringian Forest, it combines nature, industry and culture. Especially the Technical University has shaped the cityscape with young people and their ideas. A combination of tradition and modernity has created a very special townscape over the decades. Young ideas meet historic buildings, so that a steady progress can be felt in the Goethe and university city. The proximity to the state capital Erfurt, a well-developed infrastructure, low cost of living, a wide range of cultural and sporting activities and of course the beautiful nature - all this makes living, living and working in Ilmenau so special and pleasant.

Anyone who would like to learn about the history of Ilmenau and is culturally enthusiastic should visit the numerous cultural institutions, such as the GoetheStadtMuseum, the Jagdhaus Gabelbach and the baroque town church. There you can experience history up close and immerse yourself in the historical Ilmenau.

But regular events also shape the cultural life in Ilmenau. At the annual Old Town Festival, for example, young and old come together and enjoy a variety of programs spread throughout the city center. In addition to the Old Town Festival, there is a pottery market, the Ilmenau Car Spring, the Festival of Lights and the Kickelhahnfest. And music lovers will also get their money's worth at the Jazztage Ilmenau.

If you want to experience art and culture on the move, you shouldn't miss the Ilmenau Art Trail. And afterwards you can go on a short guided tour of the town and explore sights such as the borders of the old town, the church square and the market square, the pharmacist's fountain, the moated castle and of course the cemetery.

Ilmenau is a paradise for sports enthusiasts and active people. In addition to winter sports such as cross-country skiing, there is also a leisure and racing sledge run on the Lindenberg, ice skating and ice hockey can be played in the ice rink and winter walks can be undertaken. But Ilmenau does not only offer numerous possibilities in winter, you can also let off steam in summer. The Thuringian Forest offers the perfect basis for extensive hiking or cycling tours, for example on the Goethewanderweg, the Ilmal-Radweg or the Rennsteig. And for those who want to be even more sporty, you can take part in the annual Downhill Cup or even experience motor sports at the Gabelbach race.

"I was always glad to be here and still am; I think it comes from the harmony in which everything stands here ..."

Goethe to Schiller, Ilmenau, 29 August 1795

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