Semester key points

The course of each semester is determined by calendar key points set in advance. Here you will get an overview of the academic year at the TU Ilmenau: duration of the semester, start of lectures, examination period and lecture-free period. The key points should represent the boundary conditions for your individual semester planning.


Important dates in summer 2022 at a glance

Semester 01.04.2022 until 30.09.2022
Lecture period 04.04.2022 until 15.07.2022
Exam registration 22.06.2022 until 29.06.2022
Examination period 25.07.2022 until 20.08.2022
Re-registration for WS 27.06.2022 until 15.07.2022
Examination period repetition 19.09.2022 until 30.09.2022
Enrolment Study in Winter 2022 01.07.2022 bis 30.10.2022
Enrolment APC in Winter 2022 01.07.2022 bis 30.10.2022

Here you can find the detailed overview of the semester dates for the summer semester 2022 as a PDF download.