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October 1
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Today, the use of media determines our everyday life in many ways. Complex technical systems are required for the generation, transmission and reproduction of media content. The development and networking of such media systems is an interesting and challenging engineering task. Media technologists have the skills to solve problems in the field of media technology and media informatics.

The study of media technology at the TU Ilmenau imparts well-founded knowledge in the field of scientific-technical basics, audio and video technology, electrical engineering and information technology, computer science, web technologies, machine learning and user-centered design of technical systems. This knowledge can be deepened in elective areas (e. g. virtual reality, spatial audio, AI applications in the media field) and practically tested in projects. Those interested in software development and technical problem solving will find a broad field of activity in media technology.

Thanks to the new Center for Immersive Technologies, the TU Ilmenau has excellent facilities for teaching and research in the field of media technology.

The program is highly interdisciplinary and also includes modules from the fields of communication science and economics as well as a design course (sound design or film design). In educational formats such as the multimedia project, the advanced seminar, practical workshops and the 20-week specialized internship, students acquire competencies and practical skills in the development, analysis and evaluation of media systems.

As the use of media will continue to gain in importance in the future, media technology is a field of activity that will be urgently needed in ever new areas of application in the coming decades.

A successful study program leads to the professional qualification "Bachelor of Science". It qualifies students for a master's degree.

Starting your studies

To ensure that the transition from school to university is a success, the program offers a special program in the first two semesters consisting of the following components:

  • Mentoring in self-organization, time management and learning methods

  • Coaching in the basic science subjects during the course of study

  • Media technology practical project

The goal of the coaching is to deepen the new contents during the lectures. In the practical project, students work very closely to the field of activity of a media technologist. In small project teams, they develop their own media product, learn about the relevance of basic subjects such as electrical engineering and computer science, and practice important skills such as self-organization and problem-solving in a practical context.

Students from previous years have implemented the following projects, for example:

Content of study

Media technology in Ilmenau is the perfect complement to my vocational training as a media designer for image and sound.

Frank Reißmann


The program offers something for every heart - be it research, media production itself or work in engineering.

Mona Gahrmann

Practice during studies

The specialized internship in the 6th semester comprises 20 weeks and can be completed in companies in Germany and abroad. There is no obligatory basic internship before the beginning of the study.

Fields of work

  • Research and development in media technology companies
  • Application-oriented use of media technology (automotive industry, medicine, broadcasting, publishing, etc.)
  • Conception, development and integration of media systems
  • Introduction of new technologies in industry (virtual reality, mixed reality, machine learning, etc.)
  • Development and deployment of multimedia communication systems
  • Media technology consulting in all business sectors and public institutions

Sebastian studies media technology at the TU Ilmenau

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Christoph Gorke


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Fascinated by media and technology? Design modern media technology for all situations in life.


Programme coordinator

Dipl.-Ing. André Siegel

+49 3677 69-1175

Study organisation

Cornelia Scheibe

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