Process flows and contacts in study

The following overview is based on the Student Life Cycle.

The individual process descriptions are intended to enable students to navigate the university in a safe and purposeful manner. At the same time, this is an attempt to meet the increasing desire of collegiats and students for "Please guide me" guidance.

In addition to the information provided on the web pages, the contact by functional address offers the possibility of individual information by the respective responsible structural unit of the university. Each structural unit fulfills a specific function in the Student Life Cycle and is responsible for the processes assigned to it in terms of subject matter and content. In order to provide binding information, it is therefore always advisable to address questions about the Student Life Cycle to the correct structural unit. E-mail function addresses are directly assigned to the structural units and are read permanently.

on the Internet

on the Intranet

Information provided on the university intranet is aimed at students and collegiats and can be viewed after logging in with the Uni-Account.

by email


Application and admission