No enrolment as student without proof of insured status

Health insurance serves as a safeguard that the costs of medical treatment and medicines do not have to be paid privately in the event of an accident or illness. It is mandatory in Germany.

According to § 199a SGB V sentence 2, every prospective student has to prove his insured status to the university before enroling into a degree program.

The prospective student requests that the health insurance company report proof of his insurance status to the university.

Legally insured


Not legally insured

Depending on the type of reporting procedure, the health insurance company's report to the university includes the following information about insured status.

  • insured

Paper-based reporting procedure until 2021

  • free of insurance
  • exempt from compulsory insurance
  • not subject to insurance
  • Insurance is present

Electronic reporting procedure from 2022

  • No insurance is present

§ 199a SGB V sentence 2 also regulates which health insurance fund is responsible for submitting the notification of insurance status.

Pandemic : Online study with stay abroad

International students from third countries who do not stay in Germany during their studies are exempt from compulsory insurance in analogy to students at distance learning universities.

Thus they can be enroled as regular students with the status "not subject to insurance" or "No insurance is present".

It should be noted that, according to the current status (SS 2021), the obligation to take out health insurance comes into effect when the student enters Germany at a later date.

If the student enters Germany during the current semester, the obligation to pay health insurance is retroactive to the beginning of the semester, so that contributions must also be paid retroactively.

Contact persons of the health insurance companies


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