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Prof. Armin Zimmermann


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Embedded systems and their technical applications are increasingly complex and heterogeneous. There is a pressure of prices on their design and operation, despite the elaborate corresponding tasks. Non-functional properties such as performance, reliability, safety, and total cost are especially important because of the integration into a technical appliance or process. Such characteristics can only be evaluated, verified, or optimized with software tools and based on a formal model.

The group's research contributes to model-based support for the design and operation of complex embedded systems. Issues such as increasing complexity, distributed computing, fault tolerance, as well as the shift from hard- to software require specific construction methods for software and surrounding system.

Our research interests include

  • Modelling methods (non-Markovian stochastic discrete event systems, stochastic and colored Petri nets, hybrid models)
  • Analysis techniques (Performance and dependability evaluation, rare event simulation for safety-critical systems, distributed simulation, optimization)
  • High-level system design (architecture models and optimization)
  • Software tool development (TimeNET, MLDesigner)
  • Applications (Automotive Systems, Avionics, Manufacturing, Autnomous Systems, Supply Chains, Workflows)