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Research Project (RCSE)

Course offered by the TU Ilmenau groups participating in the RCSE curriculum.
Each research group can offer topics to be finished individually by the RCSE students.
The System and Software Engineering group is responsible for the general organization. Information will be made available on this web site.


Organization FAQ

How do I get a topic for my Research Project?

There are three options:

  1. Select a topic from the list of offered topics at this web site (please check the web sites of the other groups for topics as well).
  2. Ask a professor of the RCSE curriculum or their group members, who are working in your field of interest, if they have a topic for you. In some cases it should also be possible to define a research project task based on an offered Bachelor or Master thesis topic.
  3. Propose a topic of your own (which may also come from a cooperation with a company) to a professor to get approval that he or she will supervise it. Make sure that the topic fulfills the requirements listed below!

In cases 2) and 3), the project can only be started when one of the professors has accepted the topic.

There may be a meeting for instance at the beginning of a semester in which the participating groups present their offered topics. However, there is no principal restriction in the time at which you must start the project.

What requirements are there for Research Project topics?

  • Research Projects are part of the third study phase "indivdual studies", in which RCSE students will do project-oriented and independent research work
  • Topics should be related to current research directions of one of the participating groups. They should support scientific education by working in actual research projects either in the university or at a company cooperating with the university. 
  • It is generally not possible to do a part-time job in a company and get this work accepted as a research project.
  • Research projects can be done in groups of up to three students, as long as the topic allows to individually assign tasks and grade results (in contrast to group studies, which have to be done as a team).
  • Work load: the module Research Project comprises 16 LP, which means 400 .. 480 hours of scheduled time. It is thus the single module with the highest amount of work except for the Master thesis! Make sure to plan your time and concurrent lectures accordingly.

How is a Research Project organized?

  • Start: after you get approval by a RCSE professor to supervise your project, a form has to be filled in and signed for the Prüfungsamt to register officially. Formally, this is equivalent to the registration according to study regulations §9. This means that you cannot cancel the project afterwards without failing it.
  • During the work: Handout of topic background material, discussion of intermediate results, help with problems etc. is done individually with your supervisor or group members responsible for your topic.
  • Deadline: Research Projects should be finished within five months after the start, which means that results and report etc. have to be handed in to the supervisor. Exceptions can be granted in cases where the student is not responsible for the delay. The presentation can be done later, i.e., in the subsequent closing seminar.
  • Closing seminar - meetings with presentation of results by participants are planned to be scheduled about once every semester, or can be done individually in the supervising groups.
  • Prof. Zimmermann is formally responsible for the module.

How is the Research Project graded?

The results of every research project must be presented in a closing event. In addition to that, requirements are up to the responsible supervisor. A project report has to be written usually. Depending on your actual task, a software program, a paper, a hardware setup etc. will be a required result. Grading will take into account the overall results compared to the task, individual performance during the work, and quality of document and presentation. Grading is done by the professor of the group in which the project was supervised, and the results are sent to the Prüfungsamt. In any case, Prof. Zimmermann should be informed about the end of a project (successful or not), to mark the topic in the list as completed (or available again).

If the research project is not successfully finished, cancelled by the student, or not finished within the granted time, the module is failed and has to be done again with a different topic.


In addition to the topics explicitly offered for the research project, you may also choose to work on one of the topics offered for Hauptseminar or Projektseminar or topics of offered Bachelor and Master theses by the SSE group in the German study programs.
Please ask the responsible person if you do not understand the task details, and if the topic can be done as a research project.