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Research Seminar (RCSE)

Course offered by the System and Software Engineering group, in winter and sommer semester.


  • Master "Research in Computer & Systems Engineering": compulsory optional subject for second or third semester (Module "Research Seminar" of Advanced Studies)
  • 2 SWS, 4 LP (credit points)


Our research seminar and research project topics are posted here and usually get updated at the start of each semester. Available topics are introduced in a Webex meeting on Tuesday October 27 at 13:00. Slides of the introduction

Suggested offered additional course:

Systematic Literature Searching: Computer Science and Engineering

University Library, Course Room

Credit Requirements

As a general rule, there are two types of research seminar topics with specific credit requirements. A theoretical work (literature study) usually consists of working through some scientific papers (which may be preselected or to be searched for), while a more practical work requires to model, design, or program something. Credit requirements are the following:

  1. An oral presentation with slides, given during one of the seminar-style closing events.
  2. written document that must be handed in before the presentation. Such documents must have at least 5 text pages for practical, and 10 text pages for theoretical topics, with additional title page, table of contents, figures, bibliography and appendix.

Exceptions for specific topics may be defined individually by the supervisor.


  • Individual assignment of topics
  • A few intermediate meetings during the semester to discuss the progress
  • Closing event - seminar-style meeting with presentation of results by participants.


The research seminar should train individual work on a specific task from a variety of subjects. Practical skills, time management as well as independent work are practiced. 

The task could be working through a topic and summarizing it in text and presentation, the design of a small embedded system, the development of a Petri-Net-model or a software module.

The course is similar to the Hauptseminar or Projektseminar for the other computer science curricula at TU Ilmenau, and some example topics of our group are described there (in german only).